If you're coming to the White House by car:

Google Maps and other Map Services know the location of the White House pretty well: search for 4 Whiting Way, San Francisco.

 (Note: Don't confuse the address with Whiting Street in downtown San Francsico - this is a wrong address, we're located on Yerba Buena Island, 7 min drive from downtown across the Bay Bridge.)

Just follow the map instructions HERE and look for building numbered 81.

Please refer to the picture of the parking-map on this page, to find the clearly marked parking spots (green arrow indicates your driving directions).

If you have an electric car and would like to charge it, you can do it for free on Treasure Island. Just plug in your car there and call a complimentary shuttle to the White House.

If you're coming to the White House by bus or leaving your car at the charging station:

There is a free shuttle (Quake City Shuttle) driving our guests from the bus stop and charging station on Treasure Island. All you have to do is to call 415-255-4899 a couple of minutes before your desired time of departure to the White House. Ask the operator to pick you up (they will let you know what is the best spot for the pick-up) and drive to the Quarters 4 on Yerba Buena Island (yes, we call it "Quarters 4" to honor the legacy of Admiral Nimitz. The building officially bears a number 81 :) ).

If you have any questions, please, chat with us