My WhiteHouse Story

For as long as I remember, I have invented interesting new products that win hackathons - no patents, just my home-lab. So it was really hard when I quit a job that I loved, which involved new products design, due to an unfortunate burnout. My burnout came with a  realization that I too, am a vincible human being, and that a certain balance was missing in my life. A two week unplugged trip to the rainforests in New Zealand gave me the space to start the healing process, but the entrepreneur in me did question: Is this new love for working in open spaces scalable?

I realized that I need a community to simulate my passions. I started looking for co-working places which had the feel of a home, where people would find the peace needed for creativity, alongwith the operational support of a co-working space. None of them touched my heart or my pocket. As usual, I set out to ask around my friends and acquaintances for spaces with the kind of integrity that I had in mind. Over a casual wine with my friend Renata George, I got to know that a true pearl is hidden in the heart of San Francisco: a historic mansion with a vast expanse of a garden 15 minutes from all the co-working spaces that did not make the cut on my list. That was the epiphany: I clearly envisioned a unique community of women with character at a picturesque spot overlooking our beloved San Francisco! I was lucky to have that vivid vision of an outstanding co-working space and social club, and Renata proposed to back my idea!

Thus was born “The White House San Francisco”, a space for women to support other women, where we go from dreams to actions by setting a strong working example for each other. It is a space where we are free to be our productive selves, have outdoor yoga or a short mid day run, stay alone for meditation or celebrate another milestone achieved at Friday Champagne with other members. 

Why the White House? The funny answer is that this dream was born during the election, and we were all keen on the idea that “women’s place is in the White House”. Here you go, Ladies, now, we have our own White House! There is a serious answer too: the mansion speaks for itself - there is no need to emphasize its value to the creative community. Come and see for yourself! 


Priya Kuber,
Founder & 

Reach me out with any questions! We are welcoming partners of all kinds: service and product suppliers, media partners, etc. We encourage corporations to sponsor brilliant women of the Bay joining the White House community: invest in women making history!  

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